How to talk
to Classmates and Others

A Primer on Oral Presentation
By William M. Doll

“The primer is great. …To the point. A very nice addition to the material I have for my students. Thank you so much for writing the book.”

Lee Anne Thompson, Professor of Psychology, Case Western Reserve University, leading a seminar on "The Life of the Mind."

“SPEAK is a terrific little booklet … beautifully laid out and gets right to the heart of what makes for good talks and presentations…"

Mano Singham, Director of UCITE (University Center for Innovation in Teaching and Education), Case Western Reserve University

"It really is such an effective resource. Mine still sits on my bookshelf and I often reread sections and reference it."

Bridget O'Dwyer, Class of 2010, Case Western Reserve University

“After assigning SPEAK, my student’s presentations definitely improved.”

Georgia Cowart, Professor of Music, Case Western Reserve University, leading a seminar on “Art, Music and the Museum.”

“Your booklet on public speaking is just amazing. I've used it many times in the past year, and it's invaluable."

Jason Jaffery, Development Director, ACLU of Ohio Foundation

…A quick, inviting guide to supplement any college writing curriculum, succinctly delivering the basics of one core skill.

Practical, accessible, portable (jeans back-pocket-sized), affordable (less than $10) and visually engaging.

Over 6,200 students and approximately 235 instructors have used SPEAK.

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